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Guide to Writing a Good Art History Essay

Academic work is one of the activities students consider challenging, especially when writing an art history essay. Such an essay can only seem tricky to accomplish if, as a student, you don’t plan adequately and dedicate enough time to accomplishing the paper with the required standards. You can put many strategies and tips in place and work on such a paper without struggling way too much. That is why this article explores perfect tips any student can use to craft the best history essay. Read the tips below for a perfect experience.

Tips to consider when writing AP art history essay

  • Define what art history essay is

Many students usually confuse AP art history since they presume it focuses on art instead of history. So, the students expect to think of ideas such as sculpting, drawing, or painting, which isn’t the case. In the real sense, students need to study and discover how artists use their skills to improve the overall society. This way, students need to dig deep and find the origin of different artwork according to different cultures. As the students dig deep to find the artistic origin, they need to use argumentation, art-historical interpretations, attributes of unknown works, visual analysis, artistic tradition, comparison, contextual analysis, and visual analysis skills, which are related to historical thinking skills.

  • Get an art history essay example

Once you understand well what a history art essay entails and the skills you need to use in your research, it is high time you now read through an example of the same paper. Going through papers written by experts gives you a perfect idea of how you will arrange your points and ideas to flow as required.

  • Write several art history essay examples

After reading through an example essay, you need to practice. Write as many art history essays as possible before writing your final paper. As you write for practicing purposes, always check with an expert who can be your teacher or a fellow student who already did similar assignments. Throughout the process, you will note some errors and correct them as you perfect your skills in writing history art essay papers.

  • Check through different art history essay topics

Before you can write your final art history paper, you need to be sure of the topic you pick. As much as you want to be unique in choosing the topic, consider originality and ease of finding resources when researching. That is why you must go through as many topics as possible to analyze the common topics as you filter down to your unique topic.

  • Ask yourself: why study art history essay?

Sometimes you need inner inspiration when doing anything, especially academic work. So, define the reasons why you are studying art history essay. For instance, how will it impact your future? How does it contribute towards achieving your academic goals? Having such inspirations will motivate you to do the right thing as a student.

  • Form a group to write art history essay

While in school, join students who have similar interests as yours. For instance, engage with students handling art history essay papers and make it a habit to write such papers as you correct one another. As time goes by, you will understand you are better positioned to raise questions and get instant answers. In addition, this move will enable you to remember significant points while writing the final paper.

  • Read articles about writing a good art history essay

Experts have created amazing content and show you can consider. During your free and relaxed moments, read such articles as you note down significant points you need to reference later.


Although many students perceive writing academic papers as a complex experience, it is always about the approach that matters. Therefore, whenever tasked with any essay paper, always do some research first to understand what the paper entails, then use the other tips to sharpen your skills.

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