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Practical Advice to Writing an Essay Thesis Statement

Essay writing is among the challenging tasks most students face. The essay has different sections, and some students find it hard to write the exact requirements in each section to meet the professor’s requirements. This article focuses on crafting an essay thesis statement that many students fail to understand. Apart from the topic, there is a thesis statement that defines the direction of your essay. Besides, a thesis statement has its share of marks, and that is why each student needs to have a clear understanding of what to include in the thesis statement. If you have been struggling to develop the best thesis statement, read the tips below, and you will realize it is a simple process that requires a little bit of creativity.

Top tips for writing an essay thesis statement

  • You must know what is an essay thesis

Before you start writing a thesis statement, you must know it. After all, you cannot start writing something you don’t know about. In short, a thesis statement is a message that defines the direction of your academic paper. It is usually a short and direct statement. When writing the ideas in the main body, they should match with your thesis statement. Once you know what a thesis statement in an essay is, you now need to read on the elements of crafting the best thesis statement.

  • Ask yourself, how long is a thesis statement?

Once you understand a thesis statement, you need to ask yourself, how many words, sentences, and wordings do you need to consider? Since it is a simple statement showing the reader the direction of your essay, it should be short and clear. Besides, you don’t use complex wordings when creating a thesis statement. The reader doesn’t have adequate time to keep checking the meaning. So, keep it simple and clear.

  • Discuss with your teacher how to write a thesis for an essay

Sometimes, you need to clear all the doubts by asking the professor about the best approach to writing a thesis statement. While discussing with your teacher, you will evaluate the topic step-by-step as you point out crucial elements of the topic. This move will also give you the best tips to use for future academic papers.

  • Watch a show on how to write a thesis statement step by step

When you feel relaxed and in a cool environment, you can use your smartphone or television to watch academic-related shows explaining the elements of a thesis statement. Experts explain the move you should take in a step-by-step manner, ensuring you grasp every detail. While watching, have a notebook and a pen for taking reference notes.

  • Check a narrative essay thesis example

Essays come in different formats, including narrative, argumentative, expository, and descriptive. The best way to study essay writing tips is by stating with a narrative thesis example since it doesn’t require a lot of reasonings as you sharpen your skills towards writing other related thesis statements.

  • Practice writing a narrative essay thesis statement

After understanding how to write a narrative thesis statement, create time and learn how to craft different thesis statements for different narrative essay topics. You can also consider doing such practices with fellow students for a better understanding. When practicing with fellow students other than doing alone, you get to discuss each step you should take and elements to consider. With time, you will realize you have amazing skills and strategies in place you use for writing any given thesis statement.

  • Go through a thesis statement example

Another tip that will speed up your understanding of writing thesis statements is reading through examples. Again, you will find relevant materials from the library and online platforms. Other students have done similar tasks and excelled, and their work is available as examples. Still, other teachers create learning materials, include thesis statement examples, and publish them online. Use such resources to perfect your skills in writing an essay thesis.


A thesis statement holds a lot of weight in the overall essay paper. If you miss some elements in the thesis statement, your paper will likely take the wrong direction. If you have been struggling with crafting a thesis statement, use the above tips, and with time, you will realize you have improved.

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