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"The Klein Gallery offers invaluable resources for me as a public school teacher. I am particularly impressed with the fact that they incorporate community interests and allow these programs and schools to exhibit there.....The gallery provided for transportation to and from our school. Many of the students had limited experience with art exhibits. But they became quite enthusiastic and excited about these trips and art history.....I look forward to a continued relationship with the gallery. Their generous support of my students and myself is unparalleled."
Cheryl Henry Creely, Art Teacher
Thurgood Marshall Elementary School

"During my tenure at the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts I had the opportunity to have an overview of the educational activities of museums and visual arts organizations throughout the Commonwealth. I know of no other arts program of similar size to the Klein Gallery that does as much with disadvantaged students as you. Education is a buzzword these days, everyone talks about it, but at the Klein Gallery you are implementing it. And you are implementing it not only for one targeted program, but consistently, month after month throughout the year."
Richard Siegesmund, Former Visual Arts Director
PA Council on the Arts

"The Esther M. Klein gallery is doing a superb job in creating a true multi-cultural environment that has included the work of Black artists, feminist artists, as well as artists from all walks of life.....I can not emphasize enough the importance that your gallery provides to me and my students. Your choice of exhibitions, the location of your gallery and its accessibility allow me to dialogue in a meaningful way with inner-city students and enable them to make positive changes in their lives."
Jeanette A. Jimenez, English Teacher
Charles Carroll High School

"I want to express my gratitude to the Klein Gallery for extending an invitation to my class to take part in the program you developed for your Talismanic, Black and White Photography exhibit. We are a Title 1 school and funds for programs of value like this that would benefit the children are often not available to us.....I realize that is must be difficult on you part to secure the funds to be able to provide the busing, art supplies and food. Your efforts are greatly appreciated and make a difference in the education of these children. We look forward to participating in the next parts of the program."
Mona Decker, 6th Grade Teacher
Sharswood School

"Your program is a terrific way for children to be introduced to art appreciation. They were not overwhelmed by a big museum or an impersonal tour, but were given individual attention, guidance and praise. The admission, workshop experience and transportation provided free of charge have opened up these tremendous experiences to individuals who would not otherwise have been able to attend."
Kathleen Ott, Program Director
Redeemer Day Camp