Why Music and Other Creative Subjects should not be Overlooked

For parents a child’s future is always going to be important and that’s why they want a child to have the very best schooling that’s possible. As we all full well understand, the way a child does in school will have a big say in their future career.

However, because of this creative studies tend to be often overlooked by adults and the path chosen by adults for children can be overly academic. This said, taking creative subjects can have a notable benefit for a child and there is also a lot of crossover for children and their learning. Read more

The Most Important Oil Painting Techniques

Oil painting is exciting and easy. The techniques of oil painting are much simpler than etching or watercolor painting. Experts in oil painting go beyond the standard techniques to create special effects. But, for beginners there are some fundamental techniques of oil painting that must be learnt first. The different techniques of oil painting are as follows: Read more

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Dos and Don’ts for Oil Painting

Oil painting is an art where the artists have the freedom to be as versatile as they can be. Experts in the field have created mind-blowing masterpieces by being imaginative. Those who wish to learn oil painting should however first grasp the basics well before moving on to that level. Beginners in the field of oil painting need to keep the following things in mind during oil painting. Read more

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Lighting in Nature Photography

Lighting is one of the most important factors in taking photographs of natural subjects. Unlike with studio shots where you control the lights and the shadows, taking photos outside is a little bit more complicated. In addition to not being able to control your subject, you also have to take into consideration the elements especially the lighting. Read more